Chef services for all three daily meals are included in our daily rate. Please keep in mind that the groceries needed to prepare the meals are not included.

Here’s how it works:

1. Before your arrival, we’ll require you to provide us with your meal choices for the first and second day of your stay.
Additionally, we require a grocery list of the items that you’d like us to pre-stock the pantry with. This is mainly for beverages*, snacks and other specific items of your choice (menu ingredients do not have to be included).
*Please note that tap water is not meant for human consumption. Villa Sha provides purified water for drinking.

2. After your arrival, we will present to you the grocery receipts from the items for your pre-stock and the first and second day meal groceries.
Keep in mind that for the grocery/pantry stocking service we add a shopping fee. The fee is supermarket/grocery ticket price plus an additional 15% charge (off of the ticket total). The payment for this service and the shopping fee has to be reimbursed in cash (USD and MXN are accepted).

3. During your stay, we will plan your meal requests and meal budget along with our chef. Meals can be planned for the next few days or for the entirety of your stay. This is completely up to you and can be decided through your stay , no rush.. Ideally, each meal will be planned at least a day in advance so our chef can procure the best ingredients.
After planning the meals, we will require either cash or a card to be supplied, this is so the chef can do the necessary shopping for the meals requested.

4. During your stay or on your last day, we will present to you the grocery receipts and invoice (based on the agreed meal requests and budget).