How far is the Villa from the main restaurants?2022-07-26T02:31:20+00:00

Near Villa Sha:

  • Puerto Santo – 10 mins
  • Flamingo’s – 2 mins
  • Marbella -7 mins

Downtown Cancun:

  • Rolandi’s – 11 mins
  • Bandoneon -15 mins
  • La Habichuela -13 mins

Hotel Zone:

  • Rosa Negra – 31 mins
  • Indochine -20 mins
  • Tora – 31 mins
How far is it from the Hotel Zone?2022-07-26T02:29:00+00:00
  • Puerto Cancun Shopping Mall, Hotel Zone – 12 km (15 min)
  • Punta Cancun, Hotel Zone – 18 Km (25 min)
  • La Isla Shopping Mall, Hotel Zone – 20 km (26 min)
  • Kukulcan Shopping Mall, Hotel Zone – 21.5 km (30 min)
  • Nizuc, Hotel Zone – 30.5 km (40 min)
How far is the Airport?2022-07-26T02:27:33+00:00

Cancun International Airport – 24 Km (25-30 minutes)

Where is Villa Sha located?2022-07-26T02:25:36+00:00

Address: Carretera Punta Sam Lote 36, MZ 2, SMZ 86, 77520, Cancún, Quintana Roo.
Location: Map

Do you have activities for kids?2022-08-06T04:08:39+00:00

In regards to activities for children, at Villa Sha we have a variety of board games, video games, pool inflatables, kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel equipment and more!

Do you have a gym?2022-07-26T02:22:40+00:00

We do not have a gym on premises.
Yoga classes are available on request (additional charge)

Is there a way for you to help us set up the COVID-19 tests required for our return home?2022-07-26T02:21:21+00:00

In order to assist our guests and help them follow these health and safety requirements and to alleviate their travel anxiety, Villa Sha offers the service of on-site COVID-19 testing. This service allows our guests to get tested 2 days prior to their departure in the comfort of our villa by a certified laboratory.

Please send us your inquiry to know more about this service and to receive a personalized quote based on your needs.

*We highly encourage our guests to check their country of origin, country of destination, and airline requirements to avoid any inconveniences during your trip.

Do you allow events at Villa Sha?2022-08-06T04:14:07+00:00

We will gladly allow events at Villa Sha such as intimate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelors, presentations, etc. Please note that the seasonal minimum stay will be applied.

Other things to consider:

  • The maximum capacity for the event is 30 people (including guests).
  • The maximum for overnight guests is 16 guests (12 adults / 4 children). Please keep in mind that only registered guests can sleep at the villa.
  • No last minute guest alterations are allowed.
  • Additional charges apply for the day of the event*, this does not include food, beverages, special furniture, decoration, florals or any extras for the event.

*Inquire via email for detailed information.

What is the security protocol at Villa Sha?2022-07-26T02:16:31+00:00

Villa Sha is equipped with perimeter cameras recording 24/7, additionally, we also have a private security guard from 07:00 pm to 07:00 am, and property staff available 24-hours a day. This means there is always someone looking after our guests and their safety.

We are fortunate enough to have taken plenty of security precautions, and none of our guests have ever experienced security breaches.

However, we understand your concerns; and for your peace of mind, if you require it, we can also offer the following:

  • Security guards at the property 24 hours a day. (upon request, additional charge may apply)
  • Professional bodyguards (this is an outsourced company and would incur an extra charge)
Is the place just for us or are there common areas like the pool shared? Are there other people staying?2022-07-26T02:14:56+00:00

In order to guarantee a completely personalized, private and luxurious experience our prices reflected are for the entirety of the property. This means that it is only for your and your guests to enjoy.

Is staff something we can request to not have for a potentially lower price?2022-08-06T04:17:52+00:00

In order to guarantee a quality service and due to our villa’s protocol our staff is required to be round the clock.
Our staff is an important element in our villa, their presence guarantees proper service, upkeep, functioning and safety.

Should we exchange cash? Or will credit cards work? What other miscellaneous fees are typically charged on top of the rental fee that isn’t stated? Are there additional costs to consider?2022-08-06T04:21:48+00:00

Villa Sha expenses must be paid in cash (such as an additional bar bill, barman & waiter extra hours, laundry service, etc.) We accept American dollars and Mexican pesos.

External providers such as tours, transportation, yacht rentals, etc. generally accept credit card payments (through Venmo or Paypal).

All additional incidentals such as meals, drinks, shopping fees, tours, transportation, SPA services, laundry, etc. are not included in our rental fee.
Tips are not included in our fee either, they are optional and up to our guest’s consideration. You may leave a tip as a way to show your appreciation for the services provided, our staff would appreciate it greatly.

How and when do we pay for the groceries?2022-07-25T23:44:35+00:00

Pre-stock must be paid upon arrival to the villa and after planning the meals, we will require either cash or a card to be supplied, this is so the chef can do the necessary shopping for the meals requested.

On your last day, I will present to you the grocery receipts and invoice (based on the agreed meal requests and budget).

The payment for these services must be paid in cash.

Does the Villa have Beach Access? Can we walk on the beach? Is the beach accessible to swim? Which is the closest beach? Is there a more swim-able beach area nearby or maybe a beach club?2022-07-25T23:41:00+00:00

Villa Sha is an oceanfront property; we have access to the ocean and we count with snorkels, paddle boards and kayaks, however if you would like to enjoy a day on a sandy beach we highly recommend you to visit Isla Mujeres, which is only 10 minutes away on a boat ride to Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, this beach has plenty of beach clubs, restaurants and bars to visit!

The villa is located 5 minutes away from a public beach, however if you are willing to drive even further (20 minutes or so) you will find Isla Blanca. At Isla Blanca you will be met with both the beach and lagoon views. Isla Blanca is considered the “end” of Cancun. During the weekdays, Isla Blanca is mostly empty. We highly recommend staying for the sunset to enjoy the wonderful views fit for a postcard -or- and Instagram post.


  • Isla Blanca – 20 mins
  • Isla Mujeres – 20 min (ferry boat ride)
  • Playa Chac Mool-25 mins
  • Playa Caracol-25 mins
  • Playa Langosta – 25 min
  • Playa Marlin- 35 mins (depending on traffic)
  • Playa Delfines – 35-45 min (depending on traffic)

If you are in a party mood, then we recommend Mandala Beach Club or CocoBong’s Beach Club in the hotel zone.

Does Villa Sha provide transportation services to and from the airport? How do we get from the airport? Is there a way to have transportation on hand for us for when we want to go out during our stay?2022-07-25T23:35:10+00:00

In regards to transportation service, we have a commercial agreement (and preferential rates) with the best transportation company in the area. Please let me know if you would like us to arrange any transportation required during your stay and we will be happy to share with you the rate details for your approval.

*For pick up and drop offs from and to the airport, the following information is required:

  • Full name of the lead passenger
  • A valid phone number (and best time so we can call you if needed)
  • Confirmed number of passengers
  • Arrival date and ETA
  • Airline, flight number and origin (last connection, please)

**Please note that the transportation service will be paid directly to the service provider or driver.

The menu in the manual, are we supposed to pick one item per meal, or can we each pick individual ones?2022-07-24T22:58:35+00:00

Think of this as your own home, it would not be possible to make separate dishes for every one as we do not operate as a restaurant. However, we can prepare two main dishes for those who have food allergies or have specific diets.

Are you Interested in learning more about the Chef and the food services?2022-08-06T04:25:07+00:00

Please click here for the Villa Sha Manual where you will find our food menus along with plenty of information and helpful tips and recommendations.

Please feel free to look at our menu options for some general ideas about the meals that we can prepare for you, or if you prefer, you can also send us your own choice of meals for your arrival date and for breakfast for the second day. Our chef will be present upon your arrival, this way we’ll be able to plan out the rest of the meals for the duration of your stay.

Is this an All-Inclusive? Do you have All-Inclusive? What does the nightly rate include?2022-07-24T22:49:31+00:00

Please note we do not offer All-Inclusive plan; the services included on the rate are as follows:

  • Two housekeepers
  • Executive Chef with cook assistant (for all three daily meals -breakfast, lunch and dinner-)
  • Bartender for five hours daily
  • Property Manager / Concierge services
  • Gardener
  • General maintenance staff
  • Pool boy
  • Security Guard
Drinking Water2022-08-06T04:28:00+00:00

We don’t recommend you to drink tap water. We have supplied purified water for your convenience. Water from the refrigerator is also safe to drink. If you are going out we recommend you to use bottled water.

Is the bartender and alcohol included in the fee?2022-07-24T23:05:14+00:00

You can choose the bartender schedule for 5 hours daily, this is included in our rental fee; you can also upgrade to a full day or night service for a small fee. Alcohol and mixers are not included.

Is the chef and food included in the fee? What is the cost for food and beverages? How do meals and grocery shopping work?2022-08-06T04:34:14+00:00

Chef services for all three daily meals are included in our daily rate. Please keep in mind that the groceries needed to prepare the meals are not included.

Here’s how it works:

1. Before your arrival, we’ll require you to provide us with your meal choices for the first and second day of your stay.
Additionally, we require a grocery list of the items that you’d like us to pre-stock the pantry with. This is mainly for beverages*, snacks and other specific items of your choice (menu ingredients do not have to be included).
*Please note that tap water is not meant for human consumption. Villa Sha provides purified water for drinking.

2. After your arrival, we will present to you the grocery receipts from the items for your pre-stock and the first and second day meal groceries.
Keep in mind that for the grocery/pantry stocking service we add a shopping fee. The fee is supermarket/grocery ticket price plus an additional 15% charge (off of the ticket total). The payment for this service and the shopping fee has to be reimbursed in cash (USD and MXN are accepted).

3. During your stay, we will plan your meal requests and meal budget along with our chef. Meals can be planned for the next few days or for the entirety of your stay. This is completely up to you and can be decided through your stay , no rush.. Ideally, each meal will be planned at least a day in advance so our chef can procure the best ingredients.
After planning the meals, we will require either cash or a card to be supplied, this is so the chef can do the necessary shopping for the meals requested.

4. During your stay or on your last day, we will present to you the grocery receipts and invoice (based on the agreed meal requests and budget).